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During the United States 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, Barbara was able to use her fluency in Swedish to broadcast the events live on Swedish television from the United States.

"Barbara can fix it… Spain’s participation in America’s Cup was threatened… Barbara intervened with US Customs Office and State Department. She helped unsnarl issues in time for the Spanish syndicate to participate in the race."

Malin Burnham, President

America’s Cup

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Communications Coaching

Communication is a key element to the success of any business. Bee Talkingpoint teaches you techniques to communicate effectively.

          The image you portray determines how effectively you communicate.


     Improve your image

     Increase your profits

Barbara Heineback’s coaching skills earned her a presidential appointment as a press officer and consultant to two of our nation’s first ladies.

If Barbara can help First Ladies,

just think what she can do for you!


       • Media Management

     • Executive Image Development Coaching

     • Business Protocol/Diplomacy/Manners

     • Crisis Management 

     • Meetings and Special Events

Do you need help:

     • Energizing your management teams

     • Developing your negotiation tactics?

     • Preparing for controversial news conferences/interviews?

     • Creating dynamic and effective meetings and special events?

If so, call Barbara today for a consultation!

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